These are the most important features supported by devP2P.
List is not total, and is changed often to provide support for new features, ciphers, protocol extensions, etc.. Feel free to request new features.



  • Establishes secure P2P VPN over internet
    • Connection is established through UDP or TCP protocol with remote devP2P, virtualy anywhere

  • Provides LAN over internet
    • When network redirect is used, local network packets for outgoing peers are captured, transferred through devP2P to remote peer, and there they are provided to the system just as they have arrived from network cable.

  • Locates peer even if his IP is not known
    • We provide online mediator you can use to search for your friends.
      You can, of course, run your own as well.

  • Share screen, data, files
    • devP2P will establish connection. It will. It's your choice what to do with it - you can fire up tools to view remote desktop through firewalls, transfer files and data...

  • Forwards ports.. Sends files and messages.. Redirects network..
    • After connection is established, there are 1024 channels to use.
      Use them to SendMessage, SendFile, StartForwading.. You can do many things.

  • Support available through forums and ticketing system
    • We provide technical support, and we are trying to be as fast as we can. Typical response time is less than 2 hours to your questions (except overnight).

  • Choice of standalone versions, full package, source
    • It compiles anywhere. Whatever can compile C++ code, devP2P can be run on it. Even on embedded systems to provide virtual network.



  • Static and dynamic libraries, whatever your coding prefers
    • devP2P is provided as dynamic and static library, so you can decide which way you prefer to use it with your application. You can even add full source directly to your project, and compile it together. It lives in its own namespace devP2Plib, so it doesn't interefere with your code in any way.

  • Full source is available
    • There are no 3rd party requirements or extensions needed for devP2P. It is as it is.

  • Windows desktops, available as COM/OCX, Visual Studio projects

  • UNIX, Linux, BSD, Android, Raspberry Pi, static and dynamic libraries, GCC projects

  • Mac OSX, iPhone, static and dynamic libraries, XCode projects

  • Supported on virtually any hardware that can compile C++ code



  • AES 128, 192, and 256 bits encryption

  • Predefined password, or Diffie-Hellman auto generated
    • You can specify password to be used, same by both sides. Or you can let our diffie-hellman algorithm calculates the password.



  • Reliable UDP implementation
    • To make devP2P very fast, but at the same to easier to link to remote, we have implemented very fast reliable UDP protocol. You get same reliable speed as with TCP.. At times even faster!

  • UDP hole punching and NAT traversal
    • devP2P can connect through firewalls, when both sides are firewalled through well known UDP hole punching techniques.

  • Public relay support
    • If for some reason direct connection with remote peer cannot be established, devP2P can use online public relays, so connection is always guaranteed.

  • Port forwarding capabilities
    • You can open local or remote port forwarding, and transfer data from local to remote services (or vice versa). Also, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 protocols are implemented, so you can, for example, setup your browser to go on internet through remote peer. There is also support for HTTP proxies using CONNECT method.

  • File transfers
    • Send and receive files, changing paths where they are stored on both sides. Monitor transfers, calculate bandwidth automatically.

  • Message exchange, text and data
    • Simple messages can be adjusted in your code to "trigger" many actions your code would implement. You can make application that talks to each-other, and perform your own tasks based on simple messages you send to remote side.

  • Full network redirection
    • devP2P can capture local network and transfer it to remote. You can access remote peer through virtual IP address of your choice!

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