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ConnectionTimeoutDetermines total number of milliseconds before connection drops for inactivity.
ConnectionTypeReturns type of transport with remote peer.
EventsReference to event handlers.
LinkingRelayDelayTotal number of direct link attempts before relay is used.
LinkingRetryCountDetermines how many times retry is performed during linking stage.
LinkingRetryDelayDetermines delay time between linking attempts, in milliseconds.
MediatorAddressHolds IP address (or hostname) of the mediator.
MediatorPortHolds port of the mediator.
MediatorRetryCountDetermines number of retries in Search method.
MediatorRetryDelayNumber of milliseconds to wait between two retries to reach the mediator.
MyNameHolds user defined identity ID of local devP2P peer.
PeerAdapterIPHolds IP address of remote peer for VPN.
PeerAdapterMACHolds MAC address of remote peer for VPN.
PeerNameHolds user defined identity ID of remote devP2P peer.
RelayLicenseHolds license information to provide to mediator for using its relay(s).
StateReturns current devP2P state.
TagTag for misc usage.
TCPPortSpecifies local TCP port used for listening.
UDPPortSpecifies local UDP port used for listening.