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Holds information about virtual network adapter.

GuidReturns GUID of the interface.
LocalIPHolds local IP address of the interface.
LocalMACHolds MAC address of local interface.
LocalNetmaskHolds netmask of local interface.
NameReturns name of the interface.
SetIPAttempts to set local IP and netmask for the adapter.


CVPNInterface object holds information about each Interface (or network adapter) found on your computer that is capable of being used by devP2P. In order to use any of those adapters you should set its IP address and Netmask, and put local peer and remote peer to same network. For example, you can set local side to (netmask and remote peer's IP address to (netmask If you use wrong IP/Netmask combination, it is possible that sockets will not route packets correctly to remote side.

devP2P collects all raw packets from VPN adapter and routes it to remote side. Remote side then unpacks it and "pushes" to adapter so it becomes available to sockets stack. System do not see a difference between real network adapters which are connected through cable, and our virtual network adapters which are connected through devP2P.

Currently Windows version of devP2P supports included 'WeOnlyDo Network Adapter', but it can also use Wippien's adapter, and OpenVPN's adapter. Only one process at a time can use one adapter, but multiple instances of devP2P in same process (inside your application) can all share same adapter.